Harvest Green – Business Success in Harmony With Our Environment

Our ecosystem is an interrelated organization of life, where each individual aspect contributes to the grandeur of the whole. It is an elegant system of life and a source of inspiration. As Businesses and Professionals, you are in the perfect position to be creative leaders and Harvest Green. You can embrace the very same model as our ecosystem and by doing so; you can increase your prosperity, success and customer loyalty.

This is a perfect time to find and convey new ways to reconnect with our dear planet, to celebrate her beauty, diversity and power and to Harvest Green. Imagine the first light of dawn glistening over the oceans. Imagine a sweeping panorama from the heights of mountains. Imagine the sweet scent of flowers or the deep fragrance of forests. Our environment lifts our hearts, while it provides the particles of our bodies, the food on our tables and the means to nurture our lives.

As I share suggestions to help you expand your green horizons, think abundance … think health … think growth.

Green for Abundance
Green is the metaphysical color for abundance. Greening your business can attract and maintain a greater flow of energy and prosperity. If you are in retail, choose fantastic recycled gift boxes, shopping bags, wrapping papers and biodegradable peanuts for packaging. Your customers can have beautiful wrapping paper and signature bags, while knowing that you are contributing to the well-being of our planet. Your store, spa and business can be a great place to increase your eco-efficiency. Make sure that you take advantage of recycling in your area. Replace the bulbs in closets and storerooms with low voltage, low energy bulbs. Using less and thus receiving more in value creates abundance.

Small, in-house events are an excellent opportunity to increase your green presence and abundance. Have a “green give-away.” Give-away a low voltage fluorescent light bulb every time someone purchases a book about the environment or purchases a natural product. Abundance flows in all directions and these are all excellent incentives to bring a full circle of abundance and support.

Green for Healing
Green is a healing color. Every business has an opportunity to be a source for eco-friendly products and education. There are so many things you can do to create a healing environment for your business, staff and customers. Your Spa and Healing Center can switch to and promote organic and environmentally friendly products. A beautiful display featuring your organic and healing products will support those manufacturers and pamper your customers, while you receive the compliments and sales. Introduce a newsletter for your staff and your clients with eco-tips and thoughtful ways to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency. If you replace all of your cleaning supplies with safe, organic cleansers; use quality air and replace bottled water with filtered tap water, you will increase the environmental quality of your offices. Your clients and staff will appreciate your attention, services and products by giving you more support and sales. That is all part of the healing and greening process.

Green for Growth
The color green signifies growth. You can expand and grow your business by adding green products and services. You don’t have to wait until Earth Day to celebrate the environment. Your retail store can feature books about the environment. Have a rotating “Green Display” that showcases books, products and services that increase the environmental awareness of your clients and your staff. Your Spa and Healing Center can have “Green Weekends.” Pamper your clients with an exclusive weekend celebration of all organic, natural and healing products and treatments. Even traditional businesses can Harvest Green. If you see clients at your office, then make sure you serve them organic teas and coffee. Replace the high sugar, high fat snacks in your vending machines or snack room with organic snacks, sodas and juices.

If your clients and customers have a choice between products that are good and products that are good and eco-friendly, they will naturally purchase the green products. Buying a green product brings additional benefits. If your clients and customers know that you are paying attention to their needs and paying attention to the health of your world, you give them another great reason to do business with you.

Being a little more green helps your customers, helps your staff, helps the world and it helps your customers and your staff to help the world. Make today the day to Harvest Green.