5 Reasons Why Branding Too Soon Can Slow the Growth of Your Service Business

Independent professionals and service business owners often begin with a focus on choosing a saying or logo that will become a brand. In fact, when these activities are undertaken too early, your business growth actually can be slowed down. Here’s why.

1. Failure to match branding strategy to business size.

Fortune 100 companies need brands and they have huge budgets to maintain their brand. But service businesses, especially those starting out, might have fewer than 100 customers or clients! They’re more of a “Client 100” than “Fortune 100.”

These businesses can be extremely successful and can give their owners a comfortable, happy lifestyle. But they need to allocate budget and priorities differently.

When a big consumer products company launches a new product, the first step might be hiring an agency to create a brand. When a small service business launches a product or campaign, the first priority will be making sure they help clients solve their toughest, most painful problems.

2. Failure to focus on clients rather than the company.

When you look at the top brands among Internet marketers, you see that they focus on solving a problem or describing what they do. They have words like “shopping cart,” “hungry clients,” “ezine,” “info products,” or “copywriting” in their brands.

That’s why you need to take your time. As you serve customers and write content for your site, often your brand emerges organically.

3. Failure to build a platform with your own name.

In the early stages of your business, get known for your name. When you think of the Internet marketers you admire most, you probably know their names and you may even know what they look like. You may also know their company names and logos, but I bet you often think = of their names when you look them up.

Anyway, sometimes your name will be enough for a brand. Donald Trump has done pretty well this way. On the Internet, so has Armand Morin.

When Internet visitors type your name into a search engine, what will they find? Send them to sites that communicate your identity.

4. Failure to use simple, clear language when promoting yourself.

Brands that include reference to obscure images (such as forests and mountains connected to coaching) will lose readers on the Internet. People move too fast and they may never stick around to “get it.”

When you include abstract words, you require readers to stop and think. Once people interrupt their momentum, they are often gone.

5. Failure to emphasize copywriting as the first step in developing a marketing campaign.

Many businesses say, “We are just starting out. We need to invest in branding and design before we develop our copywriting.” In fact, this approach often slows down the growth of the service business.

The first goal of a new business, or a business that wants more growth, is to attract clients. Clients hire you for two reasons. First, they believe you understand their problems or pains. Second, they think you are the single best person to solve their problems. To communicate these two points requires copywriting to create persuasive content.

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