10 Ways To Use Photographs To Promote Your Business

Photographs provide a business with limitless ways to promote themselves, both to customers and the community. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to creative ways to use photographs to make your business a success. The following list contains both more common uses, that are very successful, and ways to use photographs that are more unique. Choose ways that will work best for your business, and have fun in the process.

When selecting images, you have several choices. You can show your products, and your products in use, solving some problem. If you offer a service, instead of a product, you can show your service at work. You can also show your facility, both inside and out, if it is attractive or shows something interesting or unique.

If none of these will work for you, you can always show images that reflect your company’s message. Do you solve problems? Then show images of happy people enjoying themselves. Do you present an air of calm and relaxation? You can show photographs of people on vacation, or great landscape images. There are many options for you to engage your clients in a way that will make them want to keep your marketing products, and remember your company.

Which one of the following suggestions will best meet your, and your client’s, needs?

  1. Calendars – Calendars are a great way to promote your business, because people look at them every day for a year. Using pictures of your products will imprint them, and your company name, on a client in no time.
  2. Business cards – Putting pictures of your products on a business card will allow clients to quickly know what you offer. Since the image is small, be sure it’s not cluttered, and your product is easy to recognize.
  3. Postcards – You can easily have postcards printed with different images for different needs. Break down your mailing list into various categories. Maybe create a group for new clients who may need to see your entire product line. Another group could be for clients who buy from you frequently. Send them a card with the product they purchase most frequently, to remind them to buy more. Or send them a postcard with a new product that would be of interest to them.
  4. Bookmarks – If your products or services relate to books, writing or publishing, this is a natural choice. They’re inexpensive, easy to carry and you can pass them out anywhere. Bookmarks can be created for some upcoming event that you want people to remember. They can also have discount coupons or codes put on them to entice clients to purchase what you have to offer.
  5. Bags and Packs – You can print photographs of your products in full color, or monochrome, on most cloth surfaces. About 20 years ago I received several imprinted cloth bags from Strathmore Paper. I’ve been taking these bags to the grocery store every week for all those years. That’s a lot of free advertising.
  6. Lobby decor – Displaying large photographs of your products in the lobby for visitors to see is a great way to let people quickly know what you do. Or you can use images that will help set the mood of your company. Calming ocean and forest scenes to convey peace and quiet. Erupting volcanoes, tornados and other forces of nature to show energy and power. You can find photographs to illustrate whatever message you want to convey.
  7. Website – On a website you can have images of your employees, facility, products, products in use and anything else about your company. The great thing about a website is that you can update it whenever you need to. Show new employees, new facilities you’ve purchased, new products being offered, company events and everything else you do and offer to clients. Keep changing images to keep your website looking fresh.
  8. Newsletter – Photographs are essential for both print and online versions. Images will engage the viewer, and can easily convey what you want quickly. People are always in a rush and don’t want to read everything that’s sent to them. An interesting photograph will grab their attention, and increase the likelihood that they will read your newsletter.
  9. Magalog – These part catalog and part magazine publications are perfect to present in-depth information, illustrated with lots of photographs. People set aside more time to read a magalog, so feel free to use all the photographs you want to perfectly illustrate the written content.
  10. Custom postage stamps – Stamps are a unique and attention grabbing way to present something. You can put pictures of your products, portraits of a salesperson or anything you want onto a stamp. Give each salesperson stamps with their photograph on them. They can use them with all of their client mailings. In the letter say, “Check out our custom stamp on your envelope.”